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Recently, we were asked to do a guest blog on Little Miss MBA as she took off on a little vacay. As Courtney is a fellow recently-graducated, young-professional (and friend), we jumped at the chance! Below is a little taste of some of our “Young Professional Travel Tips.” For the rest check out Little Miss MBA.

When Courtney asked us to guest blog for Little Miss MBA, we were very happy to do it, but our next thought was—what the heck should we write about? After bouncing around some ideas and talking about how jealous we are

that she is going to Hawaii, the answer became painfully obvious—we can write about travel! Both of us have done our fair share of travel for both business and pleasure including a month-long study abroad trip we took together in 2009 to Western Europe. Here are some of the tips and tricks we learned:

  • Bring a roll of duct tape. Okay, this sounds silly, but duct tape can really come in handy. It works as a lint roller, a quick fix for a ripped hem, and if you do a little too much shopping and burst a zipper on your luggage… viola!


Need more tips? Come and read ’em!

And since you visited us here first we’ll give you an extra tip!Spanish McDonalds

  • Don’t eat at McDonalds….even if it is the ONLY thing opened on a Sunday in Barcelona. This is what you’ll end up with. Dare we say that it’s even worse than the ones we get here in the States?!