BlogWell LA Recap

On Dec. 5, I attended an awesome gathering of some of the most brilliant social media minds in the country at BlogWell Los blogwellAngeles. BlogWell is something I had heard of, but didn’t want to spend the $250 on registration. However, I am extremely lucky lately and happen to win online contests a lot and I won admission from PRSA San Diego.

While at BlogWell, I felt like I was totally out of my league among social media managers from some of the biggest brands in the world, but that also meant I got to learn a lot. I attended presentations by representatives from McDonalds, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, and Life Technologies. Plus, the CEO of gave an ethics presentation.

Here are some of my favorite takeaways:

Want more? Read what was blogged live here.


I’m a Blog Giveaway Winner!

Whoooohoooooo! Nicole had posted about her wiley ways of winning swag online a few weeks back (refresh your memory and read her post). I read up on her tips and applied them AND WON!!

Little Miss MBA (if you remember I told you all about her in a post about us getting our MBA’s) ran a contest where you commented on her blog and could receive extra chances to win by Tweeting or posting a link to her blog on Facebook. In the end, yours truly came out as the winner-winner-chicken-dinner!

Just a few days ago I was able to collect my prize (you can’t image how busy 2 post-MBA, new-pro ladies living in SAN DIEGO are!) an eyelash volumizer, a gift card to target, and the sweetest note – all wrapped up in a cupcake gift bag!

Nicole also added a couple prizes to her growing list of giveaway wins in the last couple weeks. On Facebook she won a golf shirt for her boyfriend from Ashworth Golf and on Twitter she won the new Airborne Plus Energy from @theairborneguy.

So. All this contest entering and winning has given Nicole and I an idea, “Why the heck don’t we hold a blog contest!” But, we’re a little stuck. What do people out there want to win? Comment and let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate (remember peeps, we’re newly out in the workforce so they’ll be no BMWs or weekend get-aways).

The Social Media Olympics

Since the world has Olympic fever, we’ve decided to join the craze. We don’t know much about sports, but why should athletes get all the glory anyway? Below are our Social Media Olympians! Unlike the actual Olympics, we chose the winners simply because we like them and think they are doing a good job in the social realm (basically, it’s like if we were awarding Olympic medals based on how we felt about the male swimmers’ abs). Could there be better pages, blogs and tweeps out there? Of course! But, maybe we don’t know or follow them.

Best Facebook Page

Gold: Burger Lounge‘s Facebook page isn’t just about their delicious food, it’s about their culture. You can tell that community and healthy ingredients are two things that Burger Lounge cares about. Plus, they get extra points because we’re addicted to their chicken fingers.

Silver: Beneful seems to get the whole online community thing and they definitely host a community of dog-lovers. Plus, they post a lot of cute dog pictures and videos that you can’t help but share.

Bronze: Starbucks posts mostly promo information and delicious-looking photos, but it seems to work. They get people to crave their beverages and even create discussions about them.

Best Twitter Handle (Brands)

Gold: @VirginAmerica  just gets it with their social media approach, at least in our opinion. Their Twitter handle embraces both fun and function.

Silver: @StoneBrewingCo is really a leader in the social realm. Not only is their voice consistent with the cool factor of their brand, but they often speak at social media events to share their approach and successes.

Bronze: @ClifBar just created some buzz in the social realm by launching a geo-location Twitter campaign. We like them because they somehow connect social media to being active and outdoors.

Best Twitter Handle (Communication Pros)

Gold: @petershankman Okay, so this one might be really obvious, but we like him because he doesn’t just regurgitate social media articles and self-promote. Even though he’s an author and keynote speaker, Peter tweets like he’s talking to his friends.

Silver: @PRCouture Not only does she have some great insights to PR and social media, she keeps our Twitter feeds lively with mentions of glitter and unicorns. No need to feel intimidated by Crosby, shoot her a question and she’ll respond!

Bronze: @tylerjanderson is a great aggregator of information. If there is social media news that you need to know, you’ll probably hear it from him.

Best Communication Blog

Gold: is one of the big blog sites for all types of communication. They have a lot of writers that cover a lot of topics, so you’re sure to find a tip that is useful to you.

Silver: PR Squared may have PR in the name, but anyone interested in social media will enjoy Todd’s posts. They are relevant and relatable.

Bronze: Beach Betty Creative This is a smaller blog that Nicole recently discovered and it is a great mix of good tips, excellent writing and a likable personality.

If you’ve spotted some medal-worthy social media peeps out there share them with us! We love to expand our network and learn from the pros. (If you’ve seen some medal-worthy abs out there we’d like to see those as well)!

Hee hee, couldn’t help it 😉