Color Run Fun!

Starting line

The San Diego Color Run took place last Saturday and I’m still finding tinges of blue and green in my ears. Both Nicole and I participated for the first time in this fun event, but on different teams. Nicole and her team, Hell on Heels, ran early at 8:30 a.m., while  I ran with team Colorly Love during the 1:30 p.m. race.

So, as incredibly fun and hilarious as this event turned out to be, we learned a few tips and tricks we will be employing during next year’s run.

Race Packets

GET SOMEONE TO GO PICK THESE UP PRIOR TO RACE DAY! The lines were edging on 2 hours long and you don’t have time for that on the day of the event! To be nice you should probably send a group, and possibly a little flask of Shiraz or something of the sort (I mean, not that we’d ever do anything of the sort, that’s only a joke, I mean we don’t even drink). However, remember that the sucker (ahem, BEST GROUP MEMBER) that goes to pick up the packets must have a signed document saying they’re allowed to pick up race packets for someone who is not present. We did hear whispers of people forging signatures and text messages being accepted in place of documents – not sure if this would work in every city since we here in the beach cities are pretty laid back 😉

Face Masks

If you’re sensitive to breathing in dust or other types of particles, I would recommend running with a mask. Your pre-race packet will also recommend that, but since our team was primarily worried about looking “cute”, we didn’t pay attention to this part. Along with having multi-colored Kleenex for a few days, breathing in the dry powder may hinder your fun on the day of the event – remember with ANY slight breeze and this stuff billows into huge clouds that you cannot get away from. To ensure that your team still has a cute “uniform” you can use some of these ideas we saw floating around:

  • Painter’s Masks: These folks really stood out, plus since these masks are meant to be worn for a while I assume they weren’t as hot as some other options.
  • Bandannas: This option looked cool (a very robber-esc look) but I’m not sure it worked in the long run since it seemed that the colors were attracted to moisture – which I assume would accumulate with the breathing.

Eye Wear

Before and After

Same issue as above, the billowing power can get into your eyes and cause irritation. Plus, some of those color sprayers don’t quite adhere to keeping it below the neck (I will let some of it slide because they were little kids and their aim may not be quite up to par). Our teams both just wore glasses (both sunglasses and clear lenses), but we also saw some people wearing goggles, both the swimming type and science lab type!

Team Uniform

Obviously if you’re running this race, you and your team must determine an outfit strategy. However, remember that EVERYONE will be

Team Hell on Heels

wearing white, TONS of people will have on the event T-shirt, and there will be rainbow-colored tutus in masses. Many people opted to keep their cellphones safe from the color, so if your team is separated, it was almost impossible to find each other. Find SOMETHING that will stand out… whether it be little horns like Nicole’s team or matching headdresses.


At the post-race event dance party there is a special dance set aside for those wearing tutus. If you want to shake your stuff while everyone looks on be sure to be wearing one!

Becoming Colorfied

Team Colorly Love

We were slightly disappointed that we weren’t more color-ific at the end of the race. If you just run the race and dance around in the color packets they give you, you will NOT be as intensely colored as all those pictures on the event website – you need to strategically color yourself. We found that the damp spots made the color stick to your clothes better, whether it be sweat or the cups of water we dumped on ourselves. Also, try and position yourself to be colored with the “pretty” colors. Yellow and orange give you a weird dirty look while the pretty pink is soon covered up as it is the first color-station of the race (at least for our’s). When you pick up your race packets and your 1 free
color-pack make sure you get the pretty colors: purple, pink, blue – the rest soon turn you into a brown mess. When you’re throwing your color-packs ensure you have DIRECT contact with a team member, I’m talking a handful of color literally smacked on there and rubbed in for maximum color saturation.

We also saw evidence of people bringing in their own color (we’re talking empty Ziploc baggie proof)!!! Team Colorly Love decided that our next go-around we’ll be smuggling in our own colors, and making sure they’re the pretty colors (no ugly yellow or orange!). I found a website with a recipe to make the colored powder. I haven’t tried it yet but feel free make some and leave us a comment on how it worked!

What do you Think?

Any other tips we missed? Could we have had an amazing inside experience and missed it? Let us know in the comment section so our next 5k or next Color Run is EPIC!

(We’d also like to give photo credit to team Colorly Love’s photos to Little Miss MBA and her “good-sport-bearded-photographer-boy friend”)


Halloween Hubub

Homemade witch costumes…Gotta love the awkwardness.

While romantically drinking champagne and brainstorming blog ideas we began discussing the upcoming Halloween holiday. As children we LOVED Halloween and ALWAYS had the most kick-butt costumes, none of those cheesy store-bought outfits, ours were handcrafted masterpieces that stood out from the crowd (to see proof of our amazing abilities – strongly influenced by our mothers – we included some pictures for reference). However, while discussing this Halloween we came up against some difficult questions: are we too old for Halloween? How can new professionals incorporate a costume into the workplace?

ISSUE 1: Halloween Age-Appropriateness

This is the second time in our lives we have had to re-evaluate our Halloween practices due to our age. The first time around we had to determine when was the right time to STOP trick-or-treating. This time we must decide the right time to STOP dressing in super revealing outfits.

A few years ago we did Day of the Dead faces.

We’re 24 and 25, not super old, but not still undergrads, we’re not super fit but not hideous, we still like to go out, but are past the point of drinking just to get drunk. What do we do? Every time we look at the costume stores the outfits are divided into super slutty or long-sleeved boringness – we don’t want to look like grandmas, but we like our tushes covered. Plus, the most important issue is our situation of being broke-as-a-joke. These slutty costumes can cost $70+ buuuuut are more likely to get you free drinks at the club (which here in San Diego can be upwards of $13 a pop) – so should we be calculating our break even point?

ISSUE 2: Halloween in the Workplace

In thinking about this issue, one of our favorite TV shows, Modern Family, popped into our heads. Did you happen to catch the episode when Mitchell is stoked to wear his elaborate Spiderman Halloween costume to his new office and then quickly regrets his decision? If not, watch the clip here. That’s the situation we’re afraid of. Co-workers are telling us that they will be in costume but what if people don’t dress up at the office? What if we end up hiding out in the bathroom? Our thought was to go as something very understated, but again our whole being-poor issue gets in the way: we don’t really have money for TWO costumes.

ISSUE 3: This Post Made us Confused

So what do we do blogosphere? We need help here! We have no costume ideas even in the hopper and the 31st is looming. Please leave any ideas in the comment section or feel free to Tweet us at @blakedelhoyo or @lee_nicole