Welcome to the Masters’ World


If you couldn’t tell, this is our first post. As most first posts, it is just an intro. We will try to keep it short and entertaining.

We are two life-long friends in related industries making the transition from grad school to the “real world”. We each have a bachelor’s and master’s degree from San Diego State. Blake is the marketing girl and just finished her MBA. Nicole is in public relations and will soon have her MA in Mass Communication and Media Studies (after she defends her thesis). For people in our industries, our friendship is surprising, because, for some reason, marketing and PR people don’t always get along (like most business-related issues it probably has to do with fighting over the same money and power).

Although that was a really long description, filled with boring words like “funds”, “degree”, ” and “industries”, we mainly plan to keep you entertained and to write about our experiences as students, new professionals, friends, and in general, a couple of broke (<;– hee hee see, we're in the red? God, business humor is awesome) young adults.

That’s us now, but lets go back to where it all began… Nuevo, CA. Twenty-some-odd years ago, two young couples each bought land in this dust-hole of a town and built houses back to back. They each happened to have young daughters. The Del Hoyo’s with three-year-old Blake and the Lee’s with two-year-old Nicole. As many parents do, without the consent of their children, they decided that these two girls must be friends and have play dates and be cute together. This decision was probably made so they only had to watch the children half of the time. We were quite annoying as young children. But, just this one time, we have to admit, our parents got it right.

Nicole moved from the IE (the Inland Empire for those less hip) to SD immediately after high school and Blake transferred from UCR to SDSU the following year.

So, that’s how we ended up here. Only the divine will tell where we end up, but we’re determined to keep you all abreast of the changes in our lives – don’t get too excited now!

As a bonus, here’s an embarrassing video we made a couple years ago in hopes of winning a trip to Mexico. We did not win the trip to Mexico.