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I don’t know how I found public relations, but I found it and I like it. I earned both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at SDSU and plan on entering a Ph.D. program in fall. I have a pretty good variety of professional PR experience, but my heart is definitely in academia. I love research and being in a classroom. I also love college basketball. A lot. Go Aztecs!

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After a horribly failed attempt at becoming a biologist I completed my B.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications at SDSU. Recently, I just graduated with my M.B.A with a focus in marketing – even won some recognition for being such a kick-ass marketing student. With all of that knowledge and schooling I am now embarking upon real life with my sidekick and bestest (yes, English teacher mother, I realize “bestest” is not a real word) friend, Nicole. We have decided to try new things, meet new people , and do anything and everything it takes to be successful in life, but have fun doing it!

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